What's included in Zenbooth Assembly Services?

Sit back and let expert assemblers set up your booth 🛠

What to expect

  • A member of the Zenbooth team will reach out to you to schedule your installation after you've purchased.

  • Installs will happen based on Zenbooth's availability or 1-2 business days after delivery.

  • Our installers carry insurance that covers them in any commercial space in the United States.

  • There may be a fee for time-sensitive or after-hours installs, and for additional work outside of a standard Zenbooth install.

  • Installers are not required to move or reposition the booth more than a few feet, so choose the location of your booths carefully!

What's included

  • Expert assembly of your Zenbooth

  • 2-person (minimum) certified install crew

  • Removal of packaging materials to customer's bin and/or off-site

If you have been quoted Zenbooth Assembly services, please note that our services may not be available in all buildings. Please check with your local facilities coordinator in order to verify if union or other labor requirements are mandatory.

Assembly Services outside the continental US will require a custom quote. Please contact Sales for more information.