Are Zenbooths easy to clean?

Yep, super easy to clean! No special supplies needed. 🧼

We designed our Zenbooths with everyday use in mind, and made the booths easy to clean with just a cloth, soap, and water!

Zenbooths are an important piece of the office and might be one of your workplace’s most used areas. As with the other areas of your office, it is important to clean your booths so that you can still make full use of them. Therefore, we’d like to provide you with some tips for cleaning your Zenbooths.

General tips:

  • All surfaces of the booth can be cleaned with a lightly damp cloth and soapy water. Avoid letting any water drip onto the floor of the booth, and use another cloth to blot dry as necessary.
  • Prioritize and schedule cleaning based on the frequency of use, like you would with any other surface in the office.
  • When wiping down surfaces, wipe down using the “one-way” method; using circular or back-and-forth motions can just redirect germs & bacteria, as opposed to removing it from a surface.
  • The booths will typically circulate fresh cycles of air for about 10 minutes after use. If the cleaning product you are using produces fumes, prop the door open for 60 minutes to ensure that it has a chance to dissipate after cleaning.
  • For more specific cleaning instructions for each surface, see below.

Hard surfaces:

The hard surfaces of Zenbooths that are frequently touched and used are the:

  • door handle
  • desk surface and adjustable desk controller
  • light switch

These surfaces should be cleaned frequently with standard household/office cleaning products for hard surfaces (see the CDC’s recommendations). The other hard surfaces of your booth are typically touched less frequently but can also be cleaned using these products.

Soft surfaces:

Zenbooths shipped in 2020 have a soft acoustic felt that is made of polyester fibers that are typically touched less frequently than the surfaces above. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth with soap and water (ensure that water does not drop onto the floor of the booth) or by using a cleaning product suitable for fabric or upholstery like a mild detergent. DO NOT use bleach or alcohol-based products (including Clorox wipes) as these may discolor the panels.

Zenbooth shipped after 2020: The current fabric is PET plastic which will be fine for bleach if a customer wants to deep clean their booth. Since the panels are nailed to the booth walls and thus can’t be removed for cleaning, the use of water should be limited so as to not get water in the electronics of the booth (i.e. don’t spray it down with a hose).

Download our Cleaning Guide